Jan Skrobotz

Jan Skrobotz Jan Skrobotz, born October 28, 1975 in Berlin-Köpenick.

Education. From 1982 to 1990, I attended primary schools in Berlin-Altglienicke, and from 1990 on secondary school in Berlin-Schöneweide, namely the Archenhold-Gymnasium Berlin.
I was editor-in-chief of the school's student magazine called "Die Unbunte".
In 1995 I graduated from high school with the Abitur, the German general qualification for university entrance.
Up until today, I am associated with my secondary school: I was founder and chairman of the school's "Verein der Freunde der Archenhold-Oberschule" ("Association of the Friends of the Archenhold-Oberschule"); now I am one of its members.

University Studies. In 1995, I began my law studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
From 1997 to 1998 I studied at the Universitet i Oslo in Norway, and specialised in information and telecommunication law.

Computer Center. From 1998 to 2001, I worked with the law faculty's computer center. There I taught students and employees of the university the use of the Internet.

Office of Dirk Manzewski, MP. From October 2001 until Juli 2002 — after my graduation from university — I was research assistant at the Berlin office of Dirk Manzewski, MP. In addition to the scientific work, I was responsible for his website and editor of his regular newsletter "Aktuelles aus Berlin".

Doctorate. In late 2001, I also began to work on my doctor thesis about the judicial problems of "E-Government", i. e. the use of the Internet in public administration.
The thesis was accepted as doctorate by the University Regensburg in April 2004 and I was awarded the degree "magna cum laude" ("with great honor").

Occupation. After getting to know a lawyer's life I was happy to be appointed a judge in the State of Brandenburg. I worked at several courts including civil, criminal and administrative courts in the Berlin region. For nearly three years I was an advisor at the Ministry of Justice of Brandenburg, mostly dealing with e-justice. After some years at the Landgericht Potsdam since mid 2016, I am now a judge at the Regional High Court of the State of Brandenburg.

Publications. For a short list of my publications, please refer to the German version of this page.
The articles listed there mostly deal with telecommunications and multimedia law, especially the (German) law of electronic signatures (SigG and SigV), the De-Mail-law and e-government and e-justice in general.

Work for the OECD and SIGMA. In the fall of 2006 and the spring of 2007 I took part in the SIGMA-Programme of the OECD and the European Union preparing a new Draft Law on General Administrative Procedures for Croatia. For this I could utilize my expertise in the fields of electronic signature law and e-government.
Subsequently I took part in similar projects regarding other countries of the Balkans including Albania, the Kosovo, Serbia and the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia.